By Perceptive Controls

Perceptive Protect

Perceptive Protect is a reliability centered customized maintenance solution for your controls and automation. Our product helps prevent downtime and increases safety and reliability.

A Maintenance Package To Prevent System Failure

Panels, components and programming can and do fail if not properly maintained. When these systems fail, unexpected downtime can result.

Many factors like environmental conditions and even software updates can play a major role in operation and failures.

With Perceptive Protect

What's Included?

Perceptive Protect gives your team periodic visits to ensure systems are functioning as planned. We have ongoing discussion with stakeholders covering component hardware, software updates and pending failures.
Evaluate and maintain existing hardware
Environmental (Heating & Cooling)
Cleaning and Organization of Cabinets
Verify and Secure Connections
Thermal evaluation for hot spots
Evaluation for aging/wearing components
Evaluation for non-supported hardware
Evaluation and dating of current UPS and batteries

Easy To Use Features

  • Database Format
    Full diagnostic reporting in database format for future queries.
  • Easy Search
    Reports are segmented for easy data searches.
  • Control¬†Center Management
    Each control center is reported independently for clear reporting.

Professional Administration

Each Perceptive Protect is monitored by a senior level engineer to verify that all work is carried out and reported at highest level of excellence.
  • Evaluation of any critical OS updates
  • Evaluation of software versions
  • Evaluation of security updates
  • Evaluation of air gap susceptibilities
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What You Will Receive

Secure Enclosures

Cleaned and secured cabinets and enclosures.

Baseline Reading

Report and baseline reading of the condition of your controls package.


All readings are stored in our systems for for evaluation from visit to visit.


A post proposal meeting with recommendations.

Peace of Mind

Know that your controls are taken care of by the best in the industry.

Parts Evaluation

Components approaching end of support and availability.

How To Get Started.

Talk to your Perceptive Sales or Controls Engineer today.  They will schedule a time with you to discuss your needs, your system, the appropriate frequency and provide you with an estimate.