Perceptive Controls Municipal and Infrastructure Service Group


PERCEPTIVE CONTROLS INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES (PCIS) is your one stop provider for all your municipal and infrastructure needs.  Whether it’s storm or sanitary sewers, water treatment and distribution, infrastructure, streets, roads, public services and facilities, PCIS can help. 

With over 12 years of proven municipal and infrastructure management and 20 years in utility operations, we understand your needs and how systems work in the real world.

PCIS is run by licensed operators that understand what day to day operations are really like; never enough time in a day, limited and undertrained staff, faulty equipment, and diminishing budgets.  We know how frustrating it is to run communities proactively using preventative maintenance policies and practices. But reality is your crew ends up spending most of their time fighting fires.

PCIS has the solution to these problems.  We can take care of those preventative maintenance needs both economically as well as efficiently, while responding to emergencies.  How?  By bringing in a large staff to follow the maintenance plan, while the regular staff handles emergencies.  Once the community is stable, the staff is reduced to handle regular maintenance and occasional emergencies.

Our goal is to eliminate reactive maintenance and replace it with a proactive approach.


Summary of Services

The following is a list of services that can be provide. 

Water Distribution System

  • Non-Emergency Services: Valve turning Programs, Meter reading Programs, Meter Change out/service and installation programs, Hydrant painting and striping programs, Hydrant repair, replacement and installation various brands and product lines, Hydrant flushing programs, Mainline taps of various sizes, Service line taps of various size to include ford box and/or meter box installations, mainline install 4” or less under 120’, Main line valve repair and replacements, DEQ monitoring and compliance programs and independent auditing programs,  MDEQ assistance programs(to aid in trouble shooting compliance issues)
  • Emergency Service: Main break repairs, Service leak repairs (both sides including residential and municipal), Hydrant hit repairs or shut downs.

Sanitary Sewer System

  • Non-Emergency Service: Sanitary Sewer cleaning (various sizes and force mains), Main hole rehab and repairs, Lift station cleaning, Lift station maintenance programs (to include Drawdowns, Inspections(to include check valves, wear plates, floats, seals, sump pumps), Troubleshooting repairs, pump pulling repair, replacement, cleaning and adjustment
  • Emergency Service: Sewer station failures, pump failures, sanitary sewer backups, general infrastructure failures

Storm Sewer System

  •  Non-Emergency Services: catch basin cleaning, repair, installation, inspection, Catch basin maintenance programs, Stormceptor cleaning, storm line cleaning,
  •  Emergency Service: Any infrastructure failure

General maintenance facilities and infrastructures

  • Non-Emergency Services: General overall facility maintenance to include mowing, trimming, painting, electrical and piping repairs, facility rehabilitation programs and mini rehab program(stripe, prime paint (piping walls floor and safety compliance)
  • Emergency Service: Any infrastructure failure

Services provided to Water Treatment Systems

  • Non-Emergency Services: Well step test, operational evaluations and assessments (thermo imaging and oil changes etc) water meter repair and replacements, check valve replacements and change out programs, chemical feed system evaluations and assessment programs, feed system repairs maintenance and setup to include scales day tanks, piping feed lines injectors and pipe rehab.  Assistance with DEQ monitoring and compliance programs and independent auditing programs, MDEQ assistance programs (aid in trouble shooting compliance issues)
  • Emergency Service: Any infrastructure failure, overfeed back flush and system flush